Welcome to Fletcher’s Mutiny Cyclorama

The amazing 360° panoramic painting on Norfolk Island

The Cyclorama provides a total experience, bringing to life the history of the Norfolk Island people and their connection with the infamous mutiny on the ‘Bounty’.

An outstanding attraction and Tourism Awards winner, this stunning 360° panoramic painting with realistic 3D effects has been impressing visitors to Norfolk Island with its ‘wow’ factor for over 18 years. In 2014 the Cyclorama achieved the impressive ranking of No 5 in Australian Landmarks in the Tripadvisor Travellers Choice Awards.

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cyclorama si”klo.ram’a, n.[Gr.kyklos, circle & orama, view]

A pictorial representation, as of a landscape or a battle, on a wall of a cylindrical room, appearing in perspective to the spectators occupying a position in the centre.